Our school

We are a colourful school in the Woenselse Heide district. As a school, together with cildcare organisation Little Jungle, we form Spilcentrum Zuiderzeelaan, the nicest Spilcentrum in Eindhoven!
We are convinced that fun in learning, challenging education en the cooperation with parents promote the development and opprtunities of children. That is why we pay a lot of attention to a pleasant atmosphere at our school and we make our learning environment and our lessens as attractive as possible:

This wat we find important:
  • We find the dutch language development very important en have 2 transition classes in which we offer children an intensive language program for one year. We work closely with the library and the Samen thuis in taal organisation.
  • We think it’s important to prepare our children for the future. In the afternoons we offer an integrated range of subjects geography, history, nature, technology, drawing and crafts. We stimulate working together and learning together.
  • To allow our children to gain experience with the world around them. We regularly organize lesson-related outings and we have an intensive collaboration with De Eerdbrand care center in our neighborhood.
  • We work closely with parents. They are an important partner and are closely involved in the development of the child. There are oppotunities to be involved by participating in the ouderkamer, de MR and the OR.
Are you interested in our school? You are more than welcome to come and have a look!
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