Practical facts

School hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8.30am-2.30pm.
Wednesday 8.30am - 12.15pm.
Continuous schedule: Our school has a continuous schedule. This means that all children stay at school to eat and drink at noon. So nobody goes home. The children eat and drink in their own classroom with their own teacher or master and then go outside for half an hour. There are no costs associated with this for you as a parent.
Breaks: At our school we have breaks for the lower and upper classes. We do this so that there is enough space to play. During the breaks, all team members supervise several times a week because we think that is important; also the director, concierge and administrative assistant.
Parent contribution: Our parental contribution is 10 euros per child per school year. Each school year, the parental contribution is re-determined together with the MR.
Library: Everyone in our Spill Center has their own pass for our school library and books are borrowed every week. every child can borrow a book for the classroom and a book for at home.
Physical education: We have our own large gym in the building where all children have gym lessons twice a week. This lesson is provided 2x per week  by a physical education teacher. The teacher also provides a weekly after-school activity that pupils can participate in on a voluntary basis.
Rots & Water: We provide social skills training Rots & Water almost every week. This training is provided by our own teachers. 
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