What we stand for

We are convinced that fun in learning fosters the development and opportunities of children. We offer a pleasant atmosphere in which there is a basis of responsibility, trust and respect. We challenge children to develop themselves personally and to discover their talents and stimulate them to get the most out of themselves. We do this in collaboration with parents and with partners in our Spill Centrum and in the neighborhood. To properly visualize the identity of De Schelp, we have chosen core values ​​that match the population of De Schelp and that describe the education we stand for and believe in.
The core values ​​act as an ethical compass for our actions in the 2020-2024 school plan period. The core values ​​we have chosen are:
 • Responsibility: We encourage children to take responsibility for themselves, others and the environment. In this way we stimulate the growth in independence and the intrinsic motivation to take control of one's own development.
 • Personal development: We encourage children to be aware of their own strength and quality (talent) and support them to make maximum use of this.
 •Trust: We believe in a foundation of trust and commitment to develop and grow in motivation and relationship.
Respect (global citizenship): We encourage children to be open to others out of curiosity. In this way we stimulate in dealing with the other, showing understanding and interest in diversity in personality, needs, wishes, beliefs, culture and habits.
• Fun: We believe that fun is an important basis for developing yourself based on intrinsic motivation and therefore find it important that children enjoy going to school.
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